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Women's Health Services

Women’s Wellness now offered at Four Corners Laser & Aesthetics

Dr. Christopher Roach is offering women's wellness and health visits at Four Corners Laser & Aesthetics. His services include annual well woman examinations and health consultations, menopause and gynecological management and cervical cancer (pap smear) screening. Care is provided in a warm, caring, spa-like environment where each woman's privacy and individuality are respected and emphasized~~patients will love the friendly staff and comforting atmosphere.

Dr. Roach, who has practiced Obstetrics and Gynecology for over 40 years and is a board certified gynecologist.  Whether a new client or someone who has an established professional relationship with Dr. Roach, we invite you to make an appointment for a unique experience in healthcare.

Four Corners Laser & Aesthetics hopes to bridge the gap for women in need of immediate GYN or Hormone Replacement Therapy. Rather than an extensive wait, an appointment and timely assessment will be accomplished, providing thorough, whole woman healthcare.  Our integrative, patient-centered philosophy combines two refreshing practices; excellence in medical care and sensitivity to individuality.  Patients will experience one-on-one direct contact with Dr. Roach whether by appointment, phone or e-mail. Our spa-like exam rooms are equipped with heated robes, towels and exam tables, intensifying the wellness experience. We believe that everyone's unique needs should be delivered in a caring, soothing environment where every staff member provides exceptional service that exceeds expectations.

Four Corners Laser & Aesthetics strives for “a comprehensive approach to patient care”. In addition to GYN and Hormone Replacement Therapy, patients will be counseled on various wellness components such as nutrition, weight loss and exercise.  Dr. Roach feels “It’s a significant service to the region and to the patients.”